"When finding out we were pregnant for a second time, there was no way we

were not hiring Rachel again as our birth doula. She is an outstanding

resource and partner through all stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery. I had a birth plan that I was determined to bring to life and I give Rachel so much credit for helping me reach my goals. In the middle of my labor, I received news that my grandfather passed away. Rachel was so loving, gentle and supportive in helping my husband and I labor to meet new life while also supporting us in a time of grieving. She can do it all! 

In addition to her ongoing support and availability throughout pregnancy and labor, she takes notes throughout the entire process of delivery. She brings them to the postpartum visit and gives us all the details in writing. It is such a special gift to have! We highly recommend Rachel and will continue to welcome her into our birth space in the future! "

-Baby K's Mama

"I was considering hiring a doula for the birth of my first child because I had

little knowledge or exposure to pregnancy and delivery prior to my own and knew I wanted support and to set myself up for the best situation possible. My doctor discussed with me how she is often unable to be present for much of labor due to demands of having so many patients and so she was very supportive of my decision to hire a doula and gave me some

recommendations. Going through the websites of the lists of names I was

given, Rachel instantly stood out as being genuinely connected to her clients and supportive of all types of labor and delivery including hospital and home birth as well as epidural and C-section if chosen or deemed necessary. Once I met with her initially to see if we would be a good fit, I knew with certainty. Rachel is kind, warm, and endlessly encouraging as well as able to be steadfast and maintain calm and focus. My goal was to have a natural birth and I chose a ho...

"When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, there was no

doubt in my mind who I wanted by my side for this birth - Rachel! I

was attempting a VBAC and I wanted a birth team I could trust to

support my decisions and help me should the plan change. Rachel is a

truly kind individual who makes time for all of your concerns and

really listens - whither you need suggestions  or just someone to hold

space for you while you process your options. She was the perfect

doula in every way - not just helping me but helping my husband find

ways to support me. I ended up needing to be transferred to a hospital

while pushing and Rachel safely drove me in her OWN vehicle to make

sure I had the care I needed.  Because of her, I had a successful VBAC. Her support and encouragement mean more to me than I can put into words. My husband is the loudest of Rachel’s fans and eagerly gives her name to any expectant friends. I am honored that her hands were some of the first to hold both of my babies."


"Rachel was and is such a blessing to our family. She was professional, patient and caring. It helped my husband and I feel at ease to know she had our backs. Highly recommend her."

-Baby D's Mama

"When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we had already decided on having a doula there. My intention was to have a natural birth with a midwife. We found out halfway into our pregnancy that our daughter had a fatal birth defect. had planned on meeting with Rachel just two weeks before this terrible news to discuss her being our doula. I had rescheduled the appointment due to a conflict. Rachel contacted me after the news and told us she would be honored to be our 

doula, as we had planned to carry our baby girl to term. Our little one decided to come early at 30 weeks. Rachel was a constant and steady presence as I labored. She prayed with us, and when H was born, she cried with us. She took beautiful photos of our baby, and encouraged us to spend time with her while we could. The only thing I wish could have changed about my birth with H was the outcome. Everything else was perfect and Rachel was a large part of that. I am so grateful for...

"Rachel is the sweetest person ever! She is so easy to talk to and very

personable.  I was able to text her anytime if I had questions and she is very responsive. She also came to a doctor's appointment with me to discuss my birth plan and meet my doctor which made me feel extra prepared.  I went into labor a week and 1 day early. I started having contractions at around 9:30pm and was able to call and text Rachel all the way up until she arrived at the hospital at about 1:15am.  I went to the hospital at midnight because I thought my water broke and when I arrived I was dilated to a 6. I called Rachel and she was on her way asap. She had to drive from Edmond to Stillwater on ice - she is awesome! She made it just in time for me to start pushing. I am so happy she

was there because my spouse and family was not able to make it in time due to weather and work. It all happened so fast but having Rachel there made it way easier. She helped me figure out the best way t...

"We hired Rachel about half way through my pregnancy, and hiring her was the best decision we made!!! She was so incredible! I went a total of 10 days past my due date, and before I went into labor, I was so discouraged. I did not want to be induced, but I was 

ready to just give in and set a date, but when I texted Rachel, she reminded

us that it is completely normal to go over your due date. When the big day finally came (I did not have to be induced), I was so nervous and Rachel was the calming presence in the room. Right after the birth my husband went with the baby to be weighed and measured and Rachel stayed right there, to make sure I was alright, and feed me ice chips and hold my hand when I needed. Afterwards she was the

friend that stopped by to make sure we were doing ok, and had everything we

needed. She does what you need, when you need it. She never tried taking my

husbands roll but instead was there to support us - all three of us! If we get pregnant...

"Rachel is one of the sweetest gals I've ever met. There was something that drew me to her from the start and I knew I wanted her as my doula. She was so sweet and supportive during my pregnancy and quickly became a friend along the way. During my crazy 4 hour labor, she was there for amazing phone support and then physical support at the birth center. Pretty sure I nearly ripped her hand off! If I was having another baby, I'd be a repeat client for sure...maybe I'd get to the birth center sooner too, lol! Oh, and she can heat up a mean cup of instant oatmeal too! haha #nevergonnaliveitdown But seriously, Rachel is amazing and I am so fortunate to have had her as a part of my birth team!"

-Baby W's Mother

"I truly can't say enough good things about having Rachel as a doula. These

first time parents really appreciated having her as a calm support

throughout the entire process. She explained, presented, and discussed a

multitude of birthing options, but most importantly, she respected our

decisions and I never once felt judged for my choices. Thank you for helping make our birthing experience one that was everything we hoped for."

-Baby O's Mother

"I can tell you this much; Rachel will be one of my first phone calls if I'm 

blessed with another baby. She believed, from our very first meeting, 

that my body was not broken and that I could have a successful VBAC. My whole pregnancy, even when I didn't believe in myself, she did. She was the calm in the storm of my doubt. She

offered constant reassurance and guidance throughout my pregnancy and was always able and willing to answer any questions I had. When at the last minute my world was rocked and suddenly I found myself needing someone to be my rock and be

there for me 110%, Rachel was there. She told me we were not going to let it affect my birth and that I would still have a VBAC. But most importantly, she reassured me I was not alone. This reassurance carried over into my labor. When I was overwhelmed and helpless, she put my mind at ease and made sure I knew I had people there who loved and supported...

"In preparing for the birth of our first baby, my husband and I felt that it

would give us peace of mind to hire a doula. We had several friends that had

given birth in 2016 using a doula, one of which spoke wonders of & 

recommended Rachel to us. We couldn't be happier with the choice to hire Rachel. Being a first time momma-to-be can feel overwhelming, especially as you prepare for the arrival of your little one. Rachel helped to get us informed. She presented our options for birth & helped us devise a birth plan that we felt comfortable with. She never urged us one way or the other, but rather gave us the ability to make informed decisions.  During our prenatal visits, we came to love Rachel- she didn't just make us feel like it was her job to meet with us- she got to know us & when the day of our baby's arrival came, it felt as though we had another friend in the room with us. Rachel came to our home, allowing...

"Being a guy, when you hear the word doula, you really don't know what to expect. There are a few fears and concerns that pop into your head. One, what does a doula really do? Two, is a doula going to get in the way of the experience for the father and the mother? Last but not least, three, is a doula even worth the added expense? I

don't know if all doulas eliminate these concerns, but Rachel went above and beyond her doula duties. She was very knowledgeable and informative, hands on, and at the same time extremely delicate to all of our needs. She encouraged me as husband to

participate in more ways than just being your typical motivating husband. As far as costs go, you couldn't put a value on the service Rachel provides. In my opinion, her price was extremely fair, and I would do it again without hesitation. Thank you, Rachel, for being our doula, and being a part of the start of our daughter's life."

-Baby N's Father

"My husband and I decided to hire a birth doula as we were pregnant with our first child. We were uncertain of what to expect, how to prepare, and our options, so this led to the search for a doula. When meeting with Rachel with Little Lamb Birth Services, we felt at ease by the knowledge she had and her ability to put us at ease with the delivery of our baby boy. The return on our investment definitely paid off. Of course my husband is a great supporter but I don't know how we would've done it with Rachel as our doula. We benefited from having her in our labor room because she was aware of the goals I placed for myself and she kept me on track to achieve these goals during labor. What stood out most about Rachel was how calm she remained no matter what. Her calmness 

radiated in the birth room and resulted in my husband and I being able to breathe deeply and relax. Not only did Rachel endure 40 plus hours of  labor 

with us, but she stay...

"I sought a doula for support during my pregnancy since my husband could not

attend my labor and delivery. Rachel provided very informative prenatal

education and was such a blessing to me and my family during her services as my birth doula. She was right at my side providing the encouragement and support of a loving friend. She is very knowledgeable in comfort measures to use during labor which we discussed during my pregnancy. She also made recommendations that made all the difference in how comfortably I carried my baby in my third trimester. I had a quick, unmedicated, peaceful birthing experience and felt very much so supported and empowered by having my doula there. I would highly

recommend Rachel as a birth doula! She is a very kind person who holds her

clients best interest at heart and is a true mama advocate!"

-Baby J's Mother

"Rachel was a great doula. She was very thorough in her explanation of the

birthing process. She also gave many good tips on how to make the 

birthing process as enjoyable as possible. When she was out of town and I went into labor, she made sure to have a back up doula available and

hurried back from her trip so she

would be there to welcome my son into the world."

-Baby W's Mother

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