"We are so happy we had Rachel as our doula. She has such a sweet and caring

personality that is fun to be around. She has a comfortable way about her that is easy to be around and we always felt like we could trust her to discuss such personal topics with. She was very knowledgable and provided us with the necessary resources to help us make the best decisions possible for our little one. I can't imagine a more passionate lady I would want there by my side for the best day of my life!"

-Baby K's Mother

"I have 4 children. I never had a doula until my fourth baby. If I have any more

children, I will for sure have Rachel by my side again. She is so supportive,

nurturing, and hands on during labor. It was so soothing and encouraging to have her by my side, along with my significant other & midwife. I highly recommend 

Rachel...she brings a sense of calm & nurturing into the birth experience."

-Baby E's Mother

"Rachel is a very kind and gentle doula, and we are so happy that we selected her to be a member of our birth team. From the pre-birth home visits to the hospital and beyond, she was a wealth of information and support. While at the hospital, she stayed with us for almost 24 hours and we never felt her

support wane with fatigue. She helped tremendously with positioning to ensure the baby could descend and stayed after the birth to help us establish breastfeeding. During labor, she had so many suggestions to aid in relaxation and she was so in tune with our needs that she understood when I simply needed my husband by my side. I also can't thank her enough for providing us with photographs and detailed notes from this special time. She not only made me feel comfortable and supported, but her knowledge was a great comfort for my husband, as he knew she would be able to help us achieve the birth we desired. When plans changed, and I opted for medications, I never felt anything but support f...

"When we first met Rachel, we had no idea just how instrumental she

would be during the birth of our son, C. Throughout the entire labor

and delivery, Rachel was a steady support system for both myself

and my husband.  My labor was fast and furious, and there were

moments I was extremely scared and nervous. Rachel provided gentle counsel and support the entire time. I am so thankful that we chose her to be our Doula, and I will recommend her without hesitation!"

-Baby C's Mother

"Rachel stepped in as our doula when the doula we had hired had to leave us to attend another birth. She was amazing: incredibly patient and encouraging. She suggested position changes and rebozo techniques to manage my labor pains. Thanks to her efforts, I labored for almost 20 hours without pain medication or intervention. She provided emotional support for my husband and family as well as myself. She even took pictures and birth notes to help us commemorate the day. Our birth was wonderful all thanks to the care we received from Rachel. We would definitely hire her for our future births."

-Baby R's Mother 

"My husband and I are so happy we used Rachel's doula services. In our preparation she provided me with great laboring techniques which helped us feel much more confident leading up to the birth of our first son. Rachel was very compassionate and was empathetic during labor and delivery. Her positive attitude and uplifting spirit helped increase my confidence during my labor. In the weeks leading up to the delivery she was always easy to get ahold of and she was there for us immediately when I went into labor. No one will regret using Rachel as their doula, we are so happy we did!"

-Baby I's Mother

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