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Fifth Little Lamb

"Rachel is a very kind and gentle doula, and we are so happy that we selected her to be a member of our birth team. From the pre-birth home visits to the hospital and beyond, she was a wealth of information and support. While at the hospital, she stayed with us for almost 24 hours and we never felt her

support wane with fatigue. She helped tremendously with positioning to ensure the baby could descend and stayed after the birth to help us establish breastfeeding. During labor, she had so many suggestions to aid in relaxation and she was so in tune with our needs that she understood when I simply needed my husband by my side. I also can't thank her enough for providing us with photographs and detailed notes from this special time. She not only made me feel comfortable and supported, but her knowledge was a great comfort for my husband, as he knew she would be able to help us achieve the birth we desired. When plans changed, and I opted for medications, I never felt anything but support from Rachel. Due to the meds, I couldn't move my left leg entirely, and she physically lifted and held my leg up for me during the extensive pushing. I don't know many other people who would jump in so full heartedly to assist in this way. She was a true blessing to our family and we absolutely, without a doubt, will be hiring her for our next birth. I cannot recommend her enough to other families."

-Baby T's Mother

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