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Seventeenth Little Lamb

"In preparing for the birth of our first baby, my husband and I felt that it

would give us peace of mind to hire a doula. We had several friends that had

given birth in 2016 using a doula, one of which spoke wonders of &

recommended Rachel to us. We couldn't be happier with the choice to hire Rachel. Being a first time momma-to-be can feel overwhelming, especially as you prepare for the arrival of your little one. Rachel helped to get us informed. She presented our options for birth & helped us devise a birth plan that we felt comfortable with. She never urged us one way or the other, but rather gave us the ability to make informed decisions. During our prenatal visits, we came to love Rachel- she didn't just make us feel like it was her job to meet with us- she got to know us & when the day of our baby's arrival came, it felt as though we had another friend in the room with us. Rachel came to our home, allowing me to labor here for a few hours before accompanying us to the hospital. She stayed awake and by my side for over 24 hours, until our little man came into the world. During my labor Rachel helped me find positions in which I felt comfortable, & showed my husband ways in which he could help support me best. As my labor was long and at times complicated, it gave us both the peace of mind we hoped for by having her. She constantly made me feel reassured. When I felt I was struggling or when I had to make a decision in the moment, all I had to do was make eye contact and see her nod to make me feel more at ease about what was going on in the room. I think without her support and knowledge, my husband and I may have panicked several times. My most favorite part of it all was that she had taken notes during my labor and delivery. At our postpartum meeting, she presented us with a typed up story/timeline of our son's birth. It was written in a way that made the hard parts seem so much more joyous...a gift I'll cherish forever."

-Baby N's Mother

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