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Twenty-Eighth Little Lamb

"Rachel is the sweetest person ever! She is so easy to talk to and very

personable. I was able to text her anytime if I had questions and she is very responsive. She also came to a doctor's appointment with me to discuss my birth plan and meet my doctor which made me feel extra prepared. I went into labor a week and 1 day early. I started having contractions at around 9:30pm and was able to call and text Rachel all the way up until she arrived at the hospital at about 1:15am. I went to the hospital at midnight because I thought my water broke and when I arrived I was dilated to a 6. I called Rachel and she was on her way asap. She had to drive from Edmond to Stillwater on ice - she is awesome! She made it just in time for me to start pushing. I am so happy she

was there because my spouse and family was not able to make it in time due to weather and work. It all happened so fast but having Rachel there made it way easier. She helped me figure out the best way to push and was very encouraging through it all. After giving birth, she went and got me some food and made sure I was ok before she headed home at about 4 or 5 am! She is so caring and really makes you feel comfortable and strong through it all. If we have another baby I will definitely be using Rachel as our doula again!"

-Baby R's Mama

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