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Forty-Fourth Little Lamb

"I was considering hiring a doula for the birth of my first child because I had

little knowledge or exposure to pregnancy and delivery prior to my own and knew I wanted support and to set myself up for the best situation possible. My doctor discussed with me how she is often unable to be present for much of labor due to demands of having so many patients and so she was very supportive of my decision to hire a doula and gave me some

recommendations. Going through the websites of the lists of names I was

given, Rachel instantly stood out as being genuinely connected to her clients and supportive of all types of labor and delivery including hospital and home birth as well as epidural and C-section if chosen or deemed necessary. Once I met with her initially to see if we would be a good fit, I knew with certainty. Rachel is kind, warm, and endlessly encouraging as well as able to be steadfast and maintain calm and focus. My goal was to have a natural birth and I chose a hospital setting and I had a beautiful labor and delivery. I truly believe this would not have been possible without Rachel by my side. We met a couple of times before labor to discuss goals, coping ideas and techniques and ways to prepare physically with supplements and exercise. The cost of hiring a doula pales in comparison to all you receive in return. Having her available to answer questions before labor, as I was 9 days late, as well as after was priceless. Rachel's knowledge when I was in early labor helped keep me comfortable laboring at home for a while and her presence in the delivery room kept me encouraged, focused and determined when I was sure I couldn't do it. If you are considering hiring a doula for your birth, stop considering and do so now and I highly recommend Rachel as an outstanding choice."

-Baby G's Mama

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