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Eighteenth Little Lamb

"I can tell you this much; Rachel will be one of my first phone calls if I'm

blessed with another baby. She believed, from our very first meeting,

that my body was not broken and that I could have a successful VBAC. My whole pregnancy, even when I didn't believe in myself, she did. She was the calm in the storm of my doubt. She

offered constant reassurance and guidance throughout my pregnancy and was always able and willing to answer any questions I had. When at the last minute my world was rocked and suddenly I found myself needing someone to be my rock and be

there for me 110%, Rachel was there. She told me we were not going to let it affect my birth and that I would still have a VBAC. But most importantly, she reassured me I was not alone. This reassurance carried over into my labor. When I was overwhelmed and helpless, she put my mind at ease and made sure I knew I had people there who loved and supported me. I was able to listen and work with my body effectively due to her guidance and suggestions. She helped me find the strength within that I never knew I had. And let me tell you, it paid off. With her help, I was able to do what I didn't completely believe was possible;

I rocked my VBAC. Words cannot accurately portray the role that Rachel played in my birth and even throughout my pregnancy. I have had people ask me if having a doula is worth it and I always say with 100% certainty that it was absolutely worth having Rachel there."

-Baby S' Mother

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