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Forty-Eighth Little Lamb

"When finding out we were pregnant for a second time, there was no way we

were not hiring Rachel again as our birth doula. She is an outstanding

resource and partner through all stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery. I had a birth plan that I was determined to bring to life and I give Rachel so much credit for helping me reach my goals. In the middle of my labor, I received news that my grandfather passed away. Rachel was so loving, gentle and supportive in helping my husband and I labor to meet new life while also supporting us in a time of grieving. She can do it all!

In addition to her ongoing support and availability throughout pregnancy and labor, she takes notes throughout the entire process of delivery. She brings them to the postpartum visit and gives us all the details in writing. It is such a special gift to have! We highly recommend Rachel and will continue to welcome her into our birth space in the future! "

-Baby K's Mama

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