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Thirty-Second Little Lamb

"When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we had already decided on having a doula there. My intention was to have a natural birth with a midwife. We found out halfway into our pregnancy that our daughter had a fatal birth defect. I had planned on meeting with Rachel just two weeks before this terrible news to discuss her being our doula. I had rescheduled the appointment due to a conflict. Rachel contacted me after the news and told us she would be honored to be our

doula, as we had planned to carry our baby girl to term. Our little one decided to come early at 30 weeks. Rachel was a constant and steady presence as I labored. She prayed with us, and when H was born, she cried with us. She took beautiful photos of our baby, and encouraged us to spend time with her while we could. The only thing I wish could have changed about my birth with H was the outcome. Everything else was perfect and Rachel was a large part of that. I am so grateful for her being there. My heart could not have been more full."

-Angel Baby H's Mama

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