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Twenty-Seventh Little Lamb

"We hired Rachel about half way through my pregnancy, and hiring her was the best decision we made!!! She was so incredible! I went a total of 10 days past my due date, and before I went into labor, I was so discouraged. I did not want to be induced, but I was

ready to just give in and set a date, but when I texted Rachel, she reminded

us that it is completely normal to go over your due date. When the big day finally came (I did not have to be induced), I was so nervous and Rachel was the calming presence in the room. Right after the birth my husband went with the baby to be weighed and measured and Rachel stayed right there, to make sure I was alright, and feed me ice chips and hold my hand when I needed. Afterwards she was the

friend that stopped by to make sure we were doing ok, and had everything we

needed. She does what you need, when you need it. She never tried taking my

husbands roll but instead was there to support us - all three of us! If we get pregnant again, Rachel is the first person we are going to call!"

-Baby V's Mother

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